Who We Represent

Baker Company

Baker has built an outstanding reputation for designing, developing, manufacturing and testing quality equipment for use in the life science industry. They’re the inventor of the Class II biological safety cabinet as well as a leader in the design and manufacturing of laminar flow clean benches, fume hoods, USP 797 compliant gloveboxes and Class III gloveboxes. Baker's patents and designs have set industry standards worldwide.
Berthold Technologies

Berthold Technologies is considered a worldwide leader in manufacturing single and multi-technology microplate readers, luminometers, in vivo imaging systems, gamma counters and HPLC radio isotope detectors for research and diagnostics.
Better Built

Better Built products are a vital link in the success of laboratory research and medical procedures worldwide. Researchers at industrial and university sites, as well as professionals in health care, look to Better Built to provide equipment that enhances their productivity and offers effective infection control.
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

CSS has manufactured water stills and steam sterilizers (autoclaves) in Boston, Massachusetts since 1946. Through years of research and development, their products have satisfied leading universities, hospitals and biotechnology facilities worldwide.

Cryosafe provides cryogenic equipment for the life sciences industry. The company's product line includes a variety of manual-fill and auto-fill cryogenic storage units for LN2 (liquid nitrogen) freezers.
Dometic Medical Systems

Baker BioScience Solutions has partnered with Dometic Medical Systems, a globally recognized specialist in biomedical refrigeration technology, to offer a collection of biomedical refrigeration solutions for the life science industry.
Lab Research Products

Lab Research Products offers a diverse range of laboratory freezers ranging from stainless steel freezers, manual defrost freezers, auto defrost freezers, chest freezers and combination refrigerator/freezers.

Lenderking Caging Products is America’s Oldest Caging Manufacturer and offers a complete line of caging equipment for all species of laboratory animals. Lenderking distinguishes itself by providing high quality and innovative solutions to animal housing needs. We strive to create products that offer solutions to typical problems found in the laboratory environment. Lenderking is presently focused on designing caging and facilities that will allow researchers to compete globally for contracts that require compliance to ETS 123 standards.

Miele sets the standard for analytically clean laboratory glassware, offering both undercounter and large capacity washers that can be quickly and easily validated. Miele systems also withstand the test of time.

Baker BioScience Solutions has partnered with Ruskinn, founded in 1993, then rapidly became established as one of the world's leading suppliers and manufacturers of anaerobic and modified atmosphere workstations. Ruskinn manufactures a range of hypoxia workstations that have been specifically designed to replicate low oxygen "invivo" physiology providing an ideal research platform for cell biologists and cancer researchers.

Mopec is a global company that provides American-made equipment and laboratory products to the pathology, histology, necropsy, autopsy and mortuary industries. We are committed to designing and manufacturing innovative and ergonomic work stations to enhance your facility's safety, flexibility and productivity. Founded in 1992, Mopec solutions are among the very best as demonstrated by the vast number of installations in America's top healthcare institutions and facilities.

Tutela Systems supply and install fully validated and compliant web-based, wireless temperature monitoring and recording systems for Medical, Biomedical, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Hospitals, Blood Banks, Plasma Centers and Research facilities worldwide.