Vivarium Equipment



Lenderking Caging Products is America’s Oldest Caging Manufacturer and offers a complete line of caging equipment for all species of laboratory animals. Lenderking distinguishes itself by providing high quality and innovative solutions to animal housing needs. We strive to create products that offer solutions to typical problems found in the laboratory environment.
  • Ventilated Rack Caging Systems
  • Multi-Species Cage and Kennel Systems
  • Post Surgical Recovery Units
  • Biocontainment Units
  • Lab Shelving and Furniture
  • Enrichment Products
Mopec is a global company that provides American-made equipment and laboratory products to the pathology, histology, necropsy, autopsy and mortuary industries. We are committed to designing and manufacturing innovative and ergonomic work stations to enhance your facility's safety, flexibility and productivity. Founded in 1992, Mopec solutions are among the very best as demonstrated by the vast number of installations in America's top healthcare institutions and facilities.
  • Necropsy Work Stations
  • Formalin Dispensing Stations
  • Ventilated Small Animal Surgery Tables
  • Prep and Exam Tables
  • Custom Fabrication
Designed exclusively for live animal husbandry and procedures within the animal research laboratory, their animal transfer stations, waste disposal units, necropsy units and clean benches are backed by years of extensive research in the animal lab market and through product testing to ensure that you experience optimum productivity, versatility and safety.
  • Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Animal Transfer Stations
  • Laminar Flow Clean Bench
BetterBuilt offers a wide range of equipment including rack washers, tunnel washers and cabinet washers for use in vivarium applications. They also provide bottle fillers, bedding dispensers and bedding waste removal systems. BetterBuilt equipment provides fast cycles, strong construction, ease of maintenance and excellent washing.
  • Cage and Rack Washers
  • Tunnel Washer/Dryers
  • Cage and Bottle Washers
  • Bedding Dispensers and Bedding Waste Removal Systems
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems
CSS has manufactured water stills and steam sterilizers (autoclaves) in Boston, Massachusetts since 1946. Through years of research and development, their products have satisfied leading universities, hospitals and biotechnology facilities worldwide. 

Customers worldwide come to Consolidated because they manufacture a product line with the best price, functionality and predictable quality in the industry. Qualified sales teams and manufacturer sales representatives sell their products in consolidated markets and in over 70 countries.

  • Single/Double Door Sterilizers
  • Pass Thru Sterilizers
  • BSL3 Sterilizers
SURE-FLO’s Integrated Bedding Handling System is a mechanical chain drag type which is ideal for removal of soiled bedding and the delivery of clean bedding to a cage processing room. Their mechanical systems are preferred over vacuum systems because of features like 85% reduction of electrical energy costs, minimal space requirements, no mechanical room required and elimination of unpleasant odors forced into the environment.
  • Mechanical Bedding Handling System
  • Removal of Soiled Bedding
  • Delivery of Clean Bedding